Thread-In Male Connector (Gen 2)
Thread-In Male Connector (Gen 2)

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Thread-In Male Connector (Gen 2)

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The Gen2 Thread-In Male Connector is a 3 pole 1/8" connector that is installed in threaded emitter hilts to connect the female blade to the male saber. 

Before ordering check your thread-in sabers emitter, if the threads are .60 length buy this connector, if they are the much shorter .25 length threads you MUST buy the Gen1 connector. 

If you have a Gen1 thread in saber with .25 length threads in the emitter DO NOT BUY this Gen2 connector it will break. This connector is only for Gen2 thread-in sabers with .60 length threads. 

Thread-In Male Connector (Gen 2)
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