Style and Flair

Custom powder coats are a great way to add color or a special look to your saber. Powder coating is an electrostatic application and heat curing process that allows for additional finishes on your saber. Over 30 different powder coat options and colors both transparent and opaque are available to further customize your saber and make it unique.

Transparent / Standard

When selecting a transparent powder coat on a standard finish saber, the powder coat color will "tint" the silver portions of the saber while leaving the rest with a dark/black appearance. This option provides a nice contrast and keeps any aesthetic lines that may be designed into the hilt black.

Transparent / Weathered

When selecting a transparent powder coat on a weathered finish saber, the saber will have both strong and weak colored areas over the saber. Very similar to a non powder coated saber but with some added color where the silver parts would show.


Gloss and non transparent powder coats change the entire sabers color regardless of whether you pick a standard, weathered or black finish. Since they are non transparent, any black lines, or special markings on the saber will be coated in the selected color.

Available Finishes

SaberForge offers over 20 different custom finishes.
Below are the currently available custom finishes. *Some finishes may not be available on certain sabers.

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Getting Started

Custom finishes are available on most sabers and saber parts. When customizing, after selecting your base finish (Standard, Weathered or Black), select "Powder Coat" to see our full selection of custom colors and finishes available for that saber.