Assembly Service for Adaptive Saber Parts

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Emitter Switch Body Pommel Assembly

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Assembly Service for Adaptive Saber Parts

Adaptive Saber Parts Assembly Service

Assembly Service is intended for Adaptive Saber Part orders. Please check cart for required items before purchasing this item

NOTE: You must have at least 1 EmitterSwitchBody & Pommel in your cart before purchasing the assembly service.

Saber Assembly Service is a professional assembly of your adaptive saber parts and installation of electronics by our highly trained employees. Our professional assembly includes an industry leading one year warranty on parts and labor.

Assembly Service includes:

  • Saber alignment and shimming
  • Installation of parts, components and electronics
  • Quality assurance and durability testing
  • In hilt recharge on all builds
  • 1 Infinity edge blade
  • 1 Saber charger
  • 100% ready to use saber upon arrival

Professionally assembled sabers are hardwired and will not have any plug and play electronics. Sealed threading between all parts excluding the pommel. Please do not attempt to disassemble or modify a professionally assembled saber as it will void your warranty and could damage your saber.

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