Make it your own

Adaptive Saber Parts put you in the designers seat. Use our enitre catalog of Emitters, Switches, Bodies, Pommels, and electronics to build the perfect custom saber. With Adaptive Saber Parts, the only limit to your design is your imagination.

I. Emitter

Assembled at the top of the saber, the emitter secures the saber blade and houses the LED module.

II. Switch

Assembled just after the emitter, the switch section houses the switch(s) used to activate and deactivate the saber.

III. Body

Assembled directly after the switch, the body section provides a great place to hold the saber and contains internal electronics that power the LED and saber effects.

IV. Pommel

Assembled and the end of the saber, the pommel closes the saber assembly, secures the electronics, and prevents them from sliding out.

V. Electronics

The "brains" of a custom saber. The soundboard/electronics control the motion detection, sound effects, and lights that truly bring a custom saber to life.

Your Custom Saber

Once assembled, your custom saber is complete! Wether you prefer professional assembly or DIY, the following section will get you started on you custom saber journey.

Getting Started

Creating your own saber is as easy as folling these steps and adding the following items to your shopping cart.

Choose 4 parts

Add one part from each category to your cart.

Assembly Service

Have our experienced technicians build your saber using dropdown options.


Plug and Play

Built it yourself! Have plug & play electronics sent with your saber Shop Now.

Note: You can purchase parts without an assembly (or Plug and Play) however you cannot purchase an assembly (checkout will be disabled) without at least 1 saber part from each section. Some saber parts may require an adapter in addition to the 4 core parts.