The Count Mk2
The Count Mk2
The Count Mk2
The Count Mk2
The Count Mk2
The Count Mk2
The Count Mk2
The Count Mk2
The Count Mk2
The Count Mk2
The Count Mk2

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Saber Tier Warrior Veteran Champion Hero Hero
LED Illuminated blade
In Hilt Recharge
Volume control
Motion & Hit Detection
Blaster Block, Clash, Lock-up effects
Soundfonts 9 25 25 25
Smooth Swing
Force & Stab effects
Blade Color Editor
Melt & Tip-drag effects
Pixel Blade

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Any Allen keys needed for assembly of your saber.

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Your selected saber blade in the length you've chosen.

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A smart charger will be provided for all sabers customized to require a rechargable battery.

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The Count Mk2

Chrome FinishClawedCurved HiltLarge Bag

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Elite Saber

The Count Mk2

The Count Mk2 has been completely redesigned for 2021. We've reduced the size and weight of the saber by over 30%. It now measures just 1.37 inches wide, with a length from emitter to pommel of just under 11 inches. In addition to reducing the size and weight we have greatly improved the accuracy by redesigning the pommel to have the proper choke section and a spine that runs into the elbow. The red trigger activates the saber and the recharge port/seedling is hidden at the base of the pommel. This is an elegant weapon, for a person of ruthless ambition and aristocratic pedigree. 

The Count Initiate tier now includes the ancillary parts required to do your install properly. It comes with the hyper low profile chassis 3d printed with Strong-X 90mpa tensile strength resin, the micro tactile switch, the Strong-X resin 3d printed switch holder, a high bass speaker, an NCR18650B battery, and the upgraded reinforced male thread in connector. Now all you will need to complete your install is your board, a recharge port, and a thread in blade. (...and a soldering iron, the skill to use it, solder, 24/26/28awg wire, heat shrink tubing)

The Count Mk2 uses our patent pending Gen2 thread in LED/Blade. The 12w LED is housed inside the thread in blade with a copper heatsink that has 250% more mass than our previous heatsink. The result of the LED placement and improved thermal regulation is a blade that is brighter than any of our other sabers and makes changing your LED as easy as changing blades. 

Please note: Standard blades will not work with our new thread in LED/blade system.

    Length Emitter to Pommel
    11" (27.9 cm)
    Inner Diameter
    12.2 oz
    Blade Socket Thread In Gen2
    Socket Size 1"
    Belt Clip Type Covertech Knob (optional)
    Finish Black Anodized/Matte Silver/Chrome
    Material CNC precision machined Aluminum
    Not compatible with Plug and Play
    Not compatible with Saber Chassis
    The Count Mk2
    Elite Saber $299.00
    Ships in 12 - 15 weeks
    Once shipped, arrives at your selected speed during checkout.
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