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Ravenswood / Ravenswood Leather

Saber D Ring Leather Clip

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Made with premium Italian leather, the Leather D ring Clip by Ravenswood Leather allows you to clip your D Ring or Tri Ring equipped saber to your belt. These are a great addition to any outfit for warriors. Available in black and brown leather.

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Saber D Ring Leather Clip
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works Fine

I paired this clip with the single width belt also listed on this site. The clip is made well and it's easy to actually clip and unclip the lightsaber from it. The only issue is that when used with the belt, attaching the clip to the more slender secondary belt will result in significant sagging. I tried to make it work by slipping the clip onto the wider main belt but the belt is too wide for the loop so I really had to cram it on there and you can see on the attached pic that there's an issue with the fit.

Austin Kuettner

Mine came with the metal hardware facing backwards. Now I have to wear it the wrong way around and have to fold in the leather backstrap, which for some reason is much longer than what’s shown in the picture.

Jacob Conder

The frog is really cool, it fits around my belt and is comfortable. Little tricky on unhooking the saber from the clip from it going out word instead of inward.

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