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Relic Mk2

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The Relic is a cross guard style that uses side blades to protect hands and arms from strikes, they also function as an unexpected offensive weapon in binds and lock-ups. This particular hilt features menacing claws and crown-style windowed emitters. The grenade style grip provides a secure purchase for a two-handed grip and the mace style pommel acts as a counterweight to the cross guard.


    2.56 lbs
    (0 g)


    1.5 in
    (0 mm)


    17 in
    (0 mm)

    Inner Diameter
    1.125 in
    Blade Socket Standard
    Socket Size 1.01 in
    Socket Depth/Blade Plug Length 2 in / 1.5 in
    Material CNC precision-machined Aluminum

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    Relic Mk2
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    What's in the box

    Your Saber

    Fully assembled saber based on your selected saber options.

    Saber Tools

    Any Allen keys/tools needed for saber assembly/modification

    Saber Blade

    Removable Saber blade in the length you've chosen.

    Excludes initiate orders

    Saber Charger

    A smart charger will be provided for all electronics installed sabers.

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    Powered by SaberTec

    Our sound sabers support the latest technology from SaberTec. The First Harvest and Golden Harvest soundboards provides an ideal set of features, options and customization. With dozens of soundfonts, color, and blade settings available, the possibilites truly are infinite.

    Brightest blades & LEDs

    The Relic Mk2 uses the brightest Cree LEDs resulting in a stunning level of brightness and realism.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Forrest Roden

    Within a week of my son playing with this the charging port is popping out. There is a loose screw of some type bouncing around inside the blade. If you’re considering purchasing this I would not recommend. All of the metal parts have very sharp edges. You would think they would round off the edges but they did not. Have had several nasty scratches from the sharp edges. Keep this away from children, they could seriously hurt themselves playing with it.

    Will be sending this back.

    Gooeyman id
    Kylo ren

    When having this it makes me feel like kylo well if i had one

    clement ARNAUD
    sabre relic

    Franchement, je dis un grand bravo a saber forge , il font des sabres vraiment magnifique notamment celui-ci. La seul chose que je trouve génante c'est l'envoi, c'est beaucoup trop long : compter 12 semaines si vous commander le sabres vide (guerrier) et jusqu'a 20 semaines ! (avec toutes les options possibles : héros ,clip ceinture, vibration d'énergie, garantie 4 ans etc...) même si je pense que personne n'achète se sabre qui est déjà cher avec toutes les options se qui revient à plus de 1000 dollars avec les frais de port !!!!!!!


    I like saberforge the program is amazing and I would buy a lightsaber from here if I could

    Our saber blades (Excluding Pixel blades) are rated for full contact dueling. Capable of withstanding heavy dueling, even against kendo bokkens, and nylon hema wasters. During the machining process, some sabers may develop sharp edges. Before any contact dueling (as with any type of dueling), we recommend wearing proper safety protection for your hands, body and face. This includes but is not limited to: gloves, body armor, face masks, and helmets. Always take the proper safety measures before dueling of any kind. Saberforge is not responsible for any injuries that result from saber play, combat choreography or dueling.

    No. We are not affiliated with Lucas ltd. or Disney. We do not make Star Wars replica light sabers from any of the movies, video games, comic books, etc.

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