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SaberForge / Blade

Pixel Blade

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The Pixel blade features an LED strip inside the blade. This allows for additional blade effects and features not possible on our V4 Infinity Edge blade. Pixel blades are only compatible with Pixel (Xeno or Golden Harvest) electronics. 


  • Threaded tips
  • Standard pixel connector
  • LED strip within the blade
  • Thick-walled, opaque polycarbonate tube
  • Secondary internal diffusion tube
  • Long socket depth, giving optimal tip adhesion and retention
      Weight (37")

      0.64 lbs
      (0 g)


      1.0 in
      (0 mm)

      Wall Width

      0.125 in
      (0 mm)

      1.0 in
      Inner Diameter 0.75 in
      Wall Width 0.125 in
      0.64 lbs (37")
      Material Polycarbonate
      Pixel Count 40"/37"/32"/26" 144/135/116/90

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      Pixel Blade
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Vanessa Piccioni
      Bad Quality

      the 37in blade that i received is not lit all the way to the tip. there is about 1in of blade before the tip that is not even lit. it looks terrible compared to the 32in or whatever the size below that is. would like it if someone could contact me and maybe discuss a replacement. i would be happy to send this one back

      Max Young
      Truly an elegant weapon from a more civilized age.

      Amazingly bright and sturdy. The neopixel effects are top notch too.

      Joseph K
      26" is great

      I've now owned a 37", a 32", and a 26". The 37" is just terribly too long and heavy. I honestly don't know why the blade size is standard. Should be done away with. 32" is much much better, but still requires you to be of a certain height, and have high ceilings and wide openings. The 26" blade is on a whole new level. It sounds short, but it's perfect (I am 5'10"). I am going 26" from now on.

      ETA: I see people commenting about how their blade broke after dueling, and I all I can is, really? Why the heck would you duel with a neopixel blade? They're not made for dueling. Get a base lit for that. You broke the saber on your own. To any new comers reading this NEOPIXEL 👏 BLADES 👏 SHOULD 👏 NEVER 👏 BE 👏 USED 👏 TO 👏DUEL

      Jeff H.

      Great blade!

      Very light sparring broke the blade

      The blade just broke whenever I swing the blade it sounds like it was straining and cracking. Worst neo pixel design. Do not waste your money here.

      Our saber blades (Excluding Pixel blades) are rated for full contact dueling. Capable of withstanding heavy dueling, even against kendo bokkens, and nylon hema wasters. During the machining process, some sabers may develop sharp edges. Before any contact dueling (as with any type of dueling), we recommend wearing proper safety protection for your hands, body and face. This includes but is not limited to: gloves, body armor, face masks, and helmets. Always take the proper safety measures before dueling of any kind. Saberforge is not responsible for any injuries that result from saber play, combat choreography or dueling.

      No. We are not affiliated with Lucas ltd. or Disney. We do not make Star Wars replica light sabers from any of the movies, video games, comic books, etc.

      Order changes are possible, however they are not guaranteed. We recommend double checking your order details to make sure everything is correct. If you need to make a change, email us as quickly as possible. If possible, we can update your order.

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