Mystery Box Saber - Boneyard

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Saber Tier Initiate Warrior Veteran Champion Hero
Blade Colors
0 1 1 1 6+
Rechargable Battery
N/a Yes Yes Yes Yes
In Hilt Recharge
N/a Optional Yes Yes Yes
Soundfonts N/a N/a 8 24 24
SD Card Editing N/a N/a No Yes Yes

Your Saber

A fully assembled saber based on your selected saber options.


Any Allen keys needed for assembly of your saber.

Saber Blade

Your selected saber blade in the length you've chosen.

Smart Charger

A smart charger will be provided for all sabers customized to require a rechargable battery.

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Mystery Box Saber - Boneyard

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Mystery Saber

Mystery Box Boneyard Saber

With the Mystery Box Boneyard Saber you are guaranteed a SaberForge Saber with non functioning random electronics (warrior/veteran/champin/hero) with a chance to get a crystal, exotic, or even cerakote or powdercoat custom. 

Mystery Box Sabers are fully covered by our lifetime warranty on metal parts.

This is the best deal in the galaxy and supplies are limited.

This run has the following sabers


-58 brand new partial warrior sabers missing LED and Battery assorted styles apprentice and elite

-64 display sabers with warrior and in hilt recharge, these were the ones along the wall, apprentice, elite, crystal, exotic

-6 assorted broken electronic sabers

Mystery Saber Includes

  • SF Saber (with chance of crystal/exotic/powdercoat)
  • Lifetime metal parts Warranty

Some Mystery Box Sabers may come with minor cosmetic defects. Exchanges are not allowed on Mystery Box Sabers. Discount codes are not allowed on Mystery Box Sabers.

Mystery Box Saber - Boneyard
Mystery Saber $100.00
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