Scratch and Dent Saber Parts 5lbs
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Scratch and Dent Saber Parts 5lbs

Pictured sabers roughly represent 5lb shipments. Shipments are randomized and the image does not reflect which sabers you will receive.

Limited Offer

Scratch and dent saber parts in 5lbs grab bags. Scratch and dent grab bags are perfect for someone with a garage shop or an experienced DIYer. 

Scratch and dent saber parts include everything from discontinued or obsolete designs, to parts with scratches or dents that failed quality control. These grab bags will be completely random and will include everything from emitters, switches, body, pommels, shrouds, and blade plugs. As well as functional LEDs in aluminum heat sinks.

Scratch and dent sabers are $10 per pound with a minimum purchase of 5lbs. 

MAX SHIPPING LIMIT: 25lbs (five quantity) per shipped order

Total: $25.00

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