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First Harvest Soundboard

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First Harvest Soundboard

The First Harvest soundboard is an entry level board. This soundboard is used in our Veteran and Veteran RGB sabers. It features 10 soundfonts, auxiliary effects, programmable blade flicker, color change, and accelerometer for smooth swing motion detection.

Wiring & Setup PDF

Sound Effects

10 soundfont banks holding 10 clash, 10 swing, ignition, deactivation, idle hum, and auxiliary effect.

Blade Effects

12 blade effect profiles

Motion Detection

Smooth swing motion detection for 1 to 1, immersive swing sounds

Color Change

Can be wired to support RGB color change with 16 color profiles.

All soundboards are tested before shipping. Saberforge is not responsible for user error resulting in damaged boards or electronics.

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First Harvest Soundboard
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Connor Thoma
Awesome soundboard

Just finished my first build and the first harvest was great for someone who hadn't had experience with soldering before

Christopher EDWARDS
First harvest soundboard

First harvest soundboard Is bomb

Steve Bruce
First Harvest, awesome choice

Fantastic soundcard that is packed with features for a fraction of the cost of competitors. I have bought 4 of these and will buy more. Super easy to install, generous solder pads for ease of soldering, and they support color changing with an RGB LED!
Features include smoothswing, ignition and retraction sounds, force sounds, Flash-on-Clash, blaster blocks, clash, and the card comes pre-loaded with 10 sound fonts (all of which are good!) Supports 3 different LED setups; dedicated color, single color with FoC, or color changing with RGB.
Card does not support Neopixel, nor can you add or remove sound fonts. If these are features that you need, get a Golden Harvest for about $20 more - it is also a fantastic soundcard with tons of additional features.
All in all, I am very impressed with this soundcard - especially at its current price point.

Jude Carmona
Perfect entry-level board

I installed the First Harvest and RGB module into my dueling saber. It works perfectly and was easy to install.

Veteran Soundboard 2.5

Easy to use, & my saber finally has sound.
I ordered sabers from Saber Forge a few years back with just the basic configuration and wanted sound for a long time now.
After soldering it all together I found out there’s a main menu & a sound menu; but couldn’t find anything telling me how to use it... So:
To get the main menu (where you can change how loud it is, the sensitivity ect...) i hold atop ((not press down)) on the power button; tap the button to scroll through and press & hold the button to select.
To get to the sound menu, press & hold the power button, tap the power button to scroll through the menu, and press & hold the button again to select the type of sound.
After setup/selecting everything,
To turn it on tap the power button, tap the button while its on to get “deflect blaster shots”, and press & hold the button to turn off...

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