Disciple Eco
Disciple Eco
Disciple Eco
Disciple Eco
Disciple Eco
Disciple Eco
Disciple Eco

Eco: Gen 4 Specifications

Eco: Gen 4

  • Removable Blade (V4 Infinity Blade with threaded tip)
  • Single Blade LED Color (Cree XPE2 Module)
  • In Hilt Recharge (charger included)
  • 3 Soundfonts (Crimson, Viridium, and Gunmetal)
  • Mute Option
  • Lifetime Machined Parts Warranty
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Disciple Eco


The Disciple ECO saber is a slimmer version of our Apprentice/Shoto Disciples. It features an angled windowed emitter, wrapped grip, and a comfortable choke point for spins and flourishes. 

Gen 4 features:

  • Deep sleep mode
  • 3 Soundfonts
  • Light up metal AV switches
  • Accelerometer 
  • Speaker and sound processor 
  • Blaster deflect blade shimmer
  • Lockup blade shimmer
  • Flash on Clash shimmer
  • LED lens
  • V4 Infinity Edge blades.
  • In hilt recharge with 18650 (charger included)

          Hilt Specifications

          • Length:  10.65”
          • Diameter: 1.25”
          • Inner Diameter: 1”
          • Weight: 9.9 oz
          • LED: Cree XPE2 LED
          • Blade Socket Type: Standard
          • Blade Socket Size: 1"
          • Material: CNC precision machined Aluminium

          Compatibility Info

          • Eco sabers are not compatible with Adaptive Saber Parts
          • Eco sabers are not compatible with staff couplers

            Additional Info

            Eco sabers are not eligible for further discounts.

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