Eco Sabers 




Eco Sabers come moderately charged and in deep sleep. To bring the saber out of deep sleep mode, hold the activation switch for 6 seconds and an audio cue will play. When out of deep sleep, the power LED will light up. To ignite/activate blade, press activation switch. 

Blade Lock-Up FX

While blade is active, hold the activation switch for 2 seconds, release, then tap again. Tap switch again to deactivate effect.


Holding the activation switch down for 4 seconds will deactivate the saber. After a few minutes of inactivity, Eco Sabers will play an audio cue and enter deep sleep mode. Activation LED will also turn off.

Mute Audio/Force Deep Sleep

Holding the activation button down while the switch LED is still active will force your saber into deep sleep mode.This will also switch the saber into muted mode the next time you turn it on. Reverse this process to enable sound.

Changing Fonts

Hold down the button until the font name plays. Release and tap the button again to cycle the next font. Hold the button to select the current font. Eco sabers feature 3 soundfonts.


Simply plug the charger into the saber charge port located above the activation switch. Do not try to remove the battery via the pommel as it is secured internally to the soundboard and chassis.