Blade Installation

Opening retention screw & removing blade plug

To Install your saber blade, first locate your provided Hex key. This can be found inside of a bag located in your shipping box. Next, locate the retention screw nearest to the emitter. Most sabers will have two retention screws near the top of the saber.

Loosen the top retention screw to release the blade plug protecting your LED from dust. Once removed, you can install the blade.

Note: The following sabers (and variations) do not include a blade plug: Chosen, Talon, Forsaken, Exalted, Descendant, Adept, Redeemer, Prodigal Son, Shadow Hunter, and Marauder.

Note: Do not loosen the 2nd lower screw. That secures the LED module and prevents it from releasing which can cause wire damage.

Blade Installation & Tightening

Next, take your blade and insert it into the top of the saber until it stops. Note: if your blade will not go down all of the way, make sure the retention screw is not obstructing the blade.

Use the Hex key wrench to secure the blade by tightening it into blade, turning it right until firmly secure.

Note: Do not over tighten blades. This can cause stripping which will require repair at our facility. Tighten the screw gradually. You can test how secure the blade is by lightly pulling it once the screw stops turning.


Watch first section of video below for an example of how to remove a blade plug