Warrior Kit
Warrior Kit
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Warrior Kit

Note: kits are only compatible with single bladed emitters. Relic, Templar and any other emitter in that style will not have kit support for side blades.

Warrior Plug & Play Kit

The Warrior Plug & Play Kit provides you with the electronics necessary to install your saber with Warrior level electronics. Kits require no soldering or additional tools for installation. Each part has been pre-wired with connectors for simple assembly


Basic LED on/off functionality via latching switch.   

Kit includes

  • Battery sled
  • 12w Quad Cree LED
  • Latching activation switch
  • 3400MaH 18650 rechargeable battery

Compatibility Info

  • Not compatible with Eco Sabers
  • Not compatible with the following Adaptive Saber Parts: Curved Body 1-4, Templar Emitter, Relic Emitter, Angled Emitter 1-2,
  • Not compatible with the following sabers: Adept, Bane, Guardian, The Count, Vanquish, Exotic Sabers, Crystal Sabers, Thin-neck Sabers

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