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Michael Dahl

This saber is much more menacing when holing it The parts are very nice and the jointing and screws fade into its contoured design It is icredibly durable i have dropped it so many times not even a scratch on the paint. How ever its almost too close to how darth Malgus would have weilded it its design makes it very weigted to the front and the switch is in the way to inhibit the use of two hands however it was weilded with one hand for me personally i have exeptional grip strength and can duel with it one handed how ever one may find it hard to dule with even with wearing froctive glives and or gaunlets all it all a very well designed saber

Nico Fernandez
This was Awesome!

I ordered a Juggernaut saber with high hopes. I have to say that this product exceeded my expectations. This saber is the best thing I have ever ordered for myself. It is the coolest saber on this website(in my opinion).

Samuel Cortez
Awesome. Love it

I baught the weathered version. I think they added an extra detail on the saber which I think was really great. I painted the etching that was made a bright red so it can look like kylo's mask. When other people see it, they are impressed. Especially when the lightsaber activates. I cant waitvto show it for the upcoming star wars celebration event.

Very nice saber

It's not 100% like Darth malgus lightsaber but still very nice

Great for display, but not for dueling

I have to say that I love the design. It bears a great resembelance to the saber used by Darth Malgus, and that won it over for me. When I received it, I was very satisfied in the construction. It's very menacing. Ideal for mounting to a wall or on a rack on a shelf.

But for dueling, it is far from ideal. The juggernaut is very front heavy because of the blades mounted on the top of the hilt, making it much more unwieldy than other sabers. Combine that with the pointed edges of the box the activation stud and micro-USB port are mounted to, holding this comfortable is very difficult.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with the construction. Just bear in mind that if you want to duel with it, you may be better off finding a different saber.

Saber Tier Warrior Veteran Champion Hero Hero
LED Illuminated blade
In Hilt Recharge
Volume control
Motion & Hit Detection
Blaster Block, Clash, Lock-up effects
Soundfonts 9 25 25 25
Smooth Swing
Force & Stab effects
Blade Color Editor
Melt & Tip-drag effects
Pixel Blade

Your Saber

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Any Allen keys needed for assembly of your saber.

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Your selected saber blade in the length you've chosen.

Smart Charger

A smart charger will be provided for all sabers customized to require a rechargable battery.

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ClawedWrapped SectionXL Bag

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Elite Saber

The Juggernaut is a menacing weapon featuring a gorgeous leather wrapped grip and an oversized dual axe blade.


    1.6 lbs
    (0 g)


    1.5 in
    (0 mm)


    16.25 in
    (0 mm)

    16.25 in
    1.5 in
    Inner Diameter
    1.125 in
    1.6 lbs
    Blade Socket Standard
    Socket Size 1.01 in
    Material CNC precision machined aluminum
    Elite Saber $149.00
    Ships in 12 - 15 weeks
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