Hero Tier Sabers (Golden Harvest 3.32)

Golden Harvest user files, updates, and editing guide - Link

Saber Operation 

Out of the box

Your hero saber will arrive semi-charged in deep sleep mode. Press the power button to turn on the saber and enter standby mode. Standby mode is when the saber is on but the blade is not lit. Active mode is when the blade is lit. 

Standby Mode

[Power On] To turn on the saber tap the power button. When the blade is lit, this is called active mode in this guide. To turn off the saber, hold the power button for 3 seconds or until the saber turns off. This will return your saber to standby mode.

[Change Sound Font] - Hold button until audio plays to cycle to the next font. There are 13 preinstalled fonts. This is only available in standby mode.

Note: Pointing the saber up or down will change sound font progression forwards or backwards.

Note: After some inactivity in standby mode, the saber will return to deep sleep.

Active Mode

[Blaster Block] - Tap button for .5 seconds and the saber will play audio and flash.

[Force Push] - Hold button while twisting the saber (doorknob motion )  parallel to the ground. An audio clip will play while the blade shimmers.

[Saber Stab] - Hold saber parallel to the ground and use a stabbing motion to activate the effect.

[Activate Lock-Up effect] - Hold button for 2 seconds then tap button for .5 seconds. A flash of colors and sounds will play to simulate a saber blade lock-up effect. If there is too much time between button holds, the saber will not activate Lock-Up

[Deactivate Lock-Up effect] - Tap button for .5 seconds and the saber will return to the base active mode.

[Power Down] - Hold button until the blade turns off. This will return you to standby mode.

Effects Menu (While in Active Mode)

[Activate Effects Menu] - While in active mode Hold button for 2 seconds. Release quickly, then immediately hold again for 2 seconds. There will be an audio cue. If there is too much time between button holds, the saber will not enter the Effects Menu.

[Change blade effect] - Tap button to change flicker/pulse effects. Continue tapping to change effect.

[Change blade color] - Twist saber (doorknob motion) Continue twisting to progress through all 6 colors.

Note: Pointing the saber up or down will change progression forwards or backwards.

[Exit Effects Menu] - Hold button for 2 seconds or until audio plays. You will hear the same audio cue that was used to enter the Effects Menu.

Sound Fonts

Hero (and champion) sabers now offer 24 soundfonts. Below is a list of the pre-installed fonts.

Soundfont Created By Sample
Balance LordBlako
Psy-Borg CrystalSoniX
Daddy Issues Fonts by Fourzze
Guardian LDN Sabers
Cryo Carbon LINK
Peace Kyberphonic Fonts
Violence Kyberphonic Fonts
Son of Darkness Dark Path Media
The Eternal Prince LINK
The Phantom Project Fonts
The Shadow Project Fonts
Shadows Echo Studios
The Classic Villain Fonts by Fourzze
Energy Pike The Proplicator
Fulcrum Unknown
Prodigal Son Unknown
Dark Side Relic Unknown
Frozen Winds Unknown
Heirloom Unknown
Ominous Unknown
Rangers Blade Unknown
Ruiner Unknown
The Master Unknown
Cyber Assassin Unknown

Basic Editing Guide Here

[Advanced customization Guide coming soon]


    Hero Default Files - Download Here (449MB)

    Neopixel Hero Default FilesDownload Here (449MB)

    My blade is blinking white and does not respond to any button taps. How can I fix that?

    The white blinking indicates that your microSD card is not inserted properly or some files or folders are missing on it.

    There is no sound or stuttering sound. How can I fix that?

    Please recharge your saber.