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SaberForge / Exotic Saber

Gladii Battle Staff

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Gladii Battle Staff

The Gladii features a low profile and ergonomic battle staff design. Warrior/Veteran/Champion features one full set of electronics and an additional switch that controls the second emitters LED. Warrior/Veteran/Champion all include in hilt recharge. As always Initiate tier is for the hilt only and does not include electronics.


Blade length guideline:

5' to 5'7": 26" blades are recommended

5'8" to 6'4": 32" blades are recommended

6'5"or taller: 37" blades are recommended


    2.0 lbs
    (0 g)


    1.5 in
    (0 mm)


    15.5 in
    (0 mm)

    15.5 in
    1.5 in
    Inner Diameter
    1.125 in
    1.8 lbs
    Blade Socket Standard
    Socket Size 1.01 in
    Material CNC precision machined aluminum
    Gladii Battle Staff
    Exotic Saber $199.00
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    Total: $199.00

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    What's in the box

    Your Saber

    Fully assembled saber based on your selected saber options.

    Saber Tools

    Any Allen keys/tools needed for saber assembly/modification

    Saber Blade

    Removable Saber blade in the length you've chosen.

    Excludes initiate orders

    Saber Charger

    A smart charger will be provided for all electronics installed sabers.

    Excludes initiate orders

    Powered by Golden Harvest

    The Golden Harvest soundboard provides an ideal set of features, options and customization. With dozens of soundfonts, color, and blade settings available, the possibilites truly are infinite*.

    *Golden Harvest only available on Champion, Hero, and Hero +Pixel electronics

    Brightest blades & LEDs

    The Gladii Battle Staff uses the brightest Cree LEDs resulting in a stunning level of brightness and realism.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Nathan Donovan
    My Daughter Loves her Battle Staff!

    Last year my 9 y.o. daughter saved up her birthday & christmas money, waited very patiently for May 4th, and sprung for your Gladii Battle Staff. She had been eyeing this saber for 2 months, ever since I introduced her to your site. When May 4th rolled around, we sat down logged in, and she eagerly chose her wrap style, and blade color. She went with copper and a purple blade. 1 month later we found out y'all had upgraded your champion & hero tiers to golden harvest, so I quickly fired off an email asking you all to upgrade her electronics to champion tier for the GHv3 board. The saber arrived in Mid July. She was ecstatic; over the moon. We duel about once a week, and she's gotten very adept with it over the last 7 months. I cannot thank you all enough for this. The only downside is that now I think she loves her saber more than her parents!

    Gladii Staff

    Can be used as a single or double blade saber.
    The transmitter is effective in avoiding injury from contact. Very good saber, well done!

    Thank you Saberforge !!

    Keith Forrester
    Beautiful Saber!

    Got my saber in today, and it is GORGOUS!! I chose the transparent copper powder coat finish, and I couldn't be happier with it. Paired with a black reptile wrap, it looks like a saber found in an old jedi vault. This is my first lightsaber, and it's not going to be my last!!

    Michael Richardson
    Nice contruction and works well. Customized at order and it is as specified. :)

    The one minor complaint is that when I ordered it, it got shipped as I was about to take a trip 3 months or so later... However, they would not have known that, and I did not know they were going to ship it at that exact date range.

    The saber itself is great. I have many, many ASP components and like the options for them. I also have one other double bladed single saber just like this and love them both. Mine will be displayed more than dueled with... but it is a durable saber if I was to change me mind.

    It looks great, and blade LED is strong, and the charge port (with kill-key) works very well. The detail and craftsmanship are excellent, and the saber fits well in my hand. It is a little expensive, especially with the sound installed as well as light, but it is a great unit that looks like it was made in the Jedi or Sith temples. It is the perfect collectors item for anyone that enjoys movie-like props or costuming or cosplay. It happens to be one of my favorite styles for a lightsaber.

    Anyone can couple to individual sabers together, but this is a true double bladed saber. And, the secondary switch controls the second LED so it could be used like and single bladed saber. The primary switch controls a blade (LED) and the sound, so it can be used as either single or double whenever. The overall length is about as small as one can be and have both blades with sound.

    About the only suggestion I could give is that since the secondary switch only controls the LED, the second blade makes no additional sounds when it is turned on. It would be a nice affect to hear the second blade ignite... though after that, no real need for two sound speakers anyway. However, one could always combine two sabers for that affect, so this is not a huge problem. :)

    Technical issues

    I wish the secondary blade switch was sunken in like the main switch to prevent accidental powering off during spinning the saber. When i got the blade it had recharging issues. At least they fixed the recharge issue. But i had to wait almost 4 months for repairs.

    Our saber blades (Excluding Pixel blades) are rated for full contact dueling. Capable of withstanding heavy dueling, even against kendo bokkens, and nylon hema wasters. During the machining process, some sabers may develop sharp edges. Before any contact dueling (as with any type of dueling), we recommend wearing proper safety protection for your hands, body and face. This includes but is not limited to: gloves, body armor, face masks, and helmets. Always take the proper safety measures before dueling of any kind. Saberforge is not responsible for any injuries that result from saber play, combat choreography or dueling.

    No. We are not affiliated with Lucas ltd. or Disney. We do not make Star Wars replica light sabers from any of the movies, video games, comic books, etc.

    Order changes are possible, however they are not guaranteed. We recommend double checking your order details to make sure everything is correct. If you need to make a change, email us as quickly as possible. If possible, we can update your order.

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