Dear SaberForge community,
We have been following the development of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are committed to the well being of our staff, customers, and loved ones. We will continue to follow the guidelines provided by our state and federal government. At this time we are continuing operations at full capacity and there have been no reports of employees contracting COVID-19. SaberForge provides free health insurance, paid time off, and paid medical leave for our employees.
Health and safety
We will be taking the following actions in accordance with the CDC and Oregon law to practice health, safety, and prevention at SaberForge HQ:
  • In adherence with our government guidelines on limiting large groups of people we are instructing all employees who can work from home, to do so.
  • We are also splitting our workforce into separate shifts to reduce the amount of people on site at any given time. Employees moved to later shifts are doing so voluntarily and are offered a pay differential.
  • We are increasing cleaning, hand washing, and sanitation standards in every department and stage of production.
  • We are practicing social distancing by separating staff and expanding our available working space.
  • We are limiting showroom hours to weekends only during the public health crisis. 
  • We are continuing to fulfill packages via FedEx, who have provided additional information regarding their response here.
Moving forward
Updates regarding the virus and best practices will continue to evolve over time. We will be paying close attention to new information and adjusting operations in accordance with the CDC and our state and federal government. 
We thank you for your patience as we operate in the best interest of our health and safety as well as the safety of our families and community. 
For more information about the virus, visit the CDC’s Website