Crusader Axe Blade Set


SaberForge is pleased to offer our customers the most advanced flat profile saber blades on the market. The Brand New Crusader AXE blade set. These are the brightest and most durable flat profile axe blades on the market, they are perfect for cosplay and for duelers who want to channel their inner barbarian.

The Crusader AXE blade has a number of unique features that set it a cut above the rest.
-Set includes two Crusader axe blades
-Hyper durable one piece polycarbonate construction
-Thick walled blade warrantied for dueling *armor IS required*
-Precision cast energy pattern
-1.00 OD blade socket fits in all standard sabers as well as thin necks
-Available in clear and frosted finish, clear has a more vivid energy pattern, frosted is brighter