Youngling Saber


SaberForge now offers a low cost saber option perfect for the younglings in your life. These economical sabers feature slim profile metal handles, sound, in hilt recharge, and 32in 7/8 thin walled blades, perfect for light sparring.


-CNC Machined 6061 Hilt

-5w LED

-Single font soundboard with lock up and mute

-In hilt recharge with usb charging cable

-32in 7/8 thin walled blade 

The Youngling saber is not manufactured by SaberForge and does not include the SaberForge warranty or SaberForge electronics. It has a 90 day limited warranty against defective components. As seen in the pictures there will be minor cosmetic blemishes. These are intended as starter sabers for younglings, they are not on par with SaberForge brand sabers in terms of quality, durability, or brightness.

Youngling sabers are already listed at a discounted price, these are not eligible for further discounts.