Veteran Kit
Veteran Kit
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Veteran Kit

Veteran Plug & Play Kit

The Veteran Plug & Play Kit provides you with the electronics necessary to install your saber with Veteran level electronics. Kits require no soldering or additional tools for installation. Each part has been pre-wired with connectors for simple assembly.


Veteran Plug & Play Kit provides all of the features associated with our Veteran tier sabers. This includes: an LED for illuminating saber blades, 3 soundfonts with unique swing/slash/clash/hum/ignition/deactivation sounds and fx, and a built in settings menu for saber customization.

Kit includes:

  • Saber Chassis with Veteran soundboard & 18650 3400Mah battery assembled
  • 12w Quad Cree LED
  • Momentary activation switch
  • Recharge port
  • Kill Key

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    Total: $199.97

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