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Darth Plague
Insane and Fast

Alright, I'll start off by saying this was the second lightsaber I ever purchased ever. I bought it hoping to have a cheap starter in hopes that it would take the amount of time I believed it to take (12-15 weeks) and it was amazing that literally the second week they told me it was on its way. (I probably got lucky) Having others show up first (and the fact they were disappointing and less than what I was expecting to get) I was nervous that it wasn't going to be as good as I thought, and in return, I got a lightsaber, weathered Ranger with a Green blade that I feel was more than I paid for it. Absolutely will (and already have) buy again just because of how amazing these first-time sabers are! Worth the wait!

Carlos J. Quiles Torres, M.D.
An elegant weapon...

Yet another amazing product from Saber Forge. As of this writing, this would be the newest addition to the family.

I absolutely love it. Feels great, looks great, works great.

I continue being a very satisfied customer. Thank you!

Andrew Provan

Finally a saber that isn't twice as big around as it should be! Bought the eco saber as a white elephant gift, and I will definitely be buying my own sabers from Saber Forge in the future!

The Cowboy Jedi
Good Quality

It got here pretty fast and I just about live on the other side of country. I’ve had it for about a week now and I’m pretty impressed with its quality. The blade is really solid and doesn’t move when I swing it. The sound is pretty good. It reacts really well when clashing with other sabers and even just moving it around it’s sounds react pretty well. It lights up really well. The blade is really bright. Even outside in the shade the blade lights up pretty well in the evening. The Hilt is very light and with the blade in it feels really balanced and smooth. It’s easy to twirl it between my fingers. I got a weathered finish and it looks really nice. I expected it to be more black but it’s actually more silver and I’m glad I think it looks really good they way it is. So far I’ve really enjoyed it and am very happy with it.

Palpatine Horcrux
Best of Eco range (er)

My Eco saber arrived today. I could not be happier with what I got, the sabers electronics are top notch, my only complaint would be that your hands can get sore from holding it. I was shocked by the extremely high quality. Seriously. If you wanna start a collection, get this saber.

Saber Tier Eco Proffie Pixel
LED Illuminated blade
In Hilt Recharge
Volume control Mute Toggle
Motion & Hit Detection
Blaster Block, Clash, Lock-up effects
Soundfonts 9 10
Smooth Swing
Blade Color Editor
Force & Stab effects
Melt & Tip-drag effects
Pixel Blade

Your Saber

A fully assembled saber based on your selected saber options.


Any Allen keys needed for assembly of your saber.

Saber Blade

Your selected saber blade in the length you've chosen.

Smart Charger

A smart charger will be provided for all sabers customized to require a rechargable battery.

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Ranger Eco

Angled EmitterMake-A-WishSmall Bag

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Eco Saber

The Ranger features an oval pattern that carries forward into the S curve emitter. The overall design is simple yet elegant.


0.70 lbs
(0 g)


1.35 in
(0 mm)


10.5 in
(0 mm)

10.5 in
1.35 in
Inner Diameter
1.125 in
0.70 lbs
Blade Socket Standard
Socket Size 1.01 in
Material CNC precision machined Aluminum
Eco sabers are not compatible with Adaptive Saber Parts
Eco sabers are not compatible with staff couplers
Eco Sabers are not compatible with Plug and Play
Ranger Eco
Eco Saber $149.99
Ships in 2 - 4 weeks
Once shipped, arrives at your selected speed during checkout.
Customization Total $0.00
Total: $149.99

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