Neopixel Blade
Neopixel Blade
Neopixel Blade
Neopixel Blade
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Neopixel Blade

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Neopixel Blade

The Neopixel blade features an LED strip inside the blade. This allows for additional blade effects and features not possible on our V4 Infinity Edge blade. Neopixel blades are only compatible with Hero tier sabers with Neopixel upgrade.

More Info

  • Threaded tips
  • LED strip within the blade
  • Thick walled, frosted Polycarbonate tube
  • Long socket depth, giving optimal tip adhesion and retention.
  • Available in 3 sizes

Compatibility Info

  • Only Compatible with Hero Tier Neopixel Sabers: Blade will not work on any other saber electronics including Hero sabers that do not already have the Neopixel socket addon.
Neopixel Blade
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