Light Whip Blade

Light Whip Blade

SaberForge is pleased to offer our customers the most advanced optical saber whip blade on the market. The Brand New Light Whip Blade


-Made from 6mm side glow fiber optic cord that is 10ft long
-Available in two blade socket lengths for standard or windowed sabers
-Machined blade whip emitter lights up and accents the saber
-DO NOT do whip cracks with the Light Whip Blade, that will stress the fiber optic cord and break it
-Light Whip Blade should not be used with sabers with claws or angled emitters that could damage the fibre optic cord
*Light whips are attached to your saber via a fitted blade plug: Please specify in your order notes if the blade plug is for a specific saber model or emitter so our techs can ensure proper fitting.

Total: $44.99

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