Hero Soundboard
Hero Soundboard
Hero Soundboard

Hero Soundboard

Hero Soundboard

Our current Hero features the Spark Color 3 soundboard by NEC. The Spark Color 2 comes with six interchangeable soundfonts with unique sounds and auxiliary effects, 9 customizable blade colors, motion detecting accelerometer, live blade color changing, and music player.  

Sound Effects

Features 6 Soundfont banks that can be changed on the fly. Each font bank supports swing/slash/clash/power up/power down/and lock up effects.

Color Mixing

The Spark Color 3 features real time color swapping and the ability to program an infinite array of blade colors.

Flash on Clash

The Spark Color 3 offers programmable flash on clash, flash on lock up, and auxiliary blade effects. It also features programmable blade shimmer or pulse effects.

Saber Editor

The Spark Color 3 has a robust user interface for adjusting settings and effects. Change soundfonts, blade colors, sensitivity, and blade effects via the GUI.

More Info

  • Includes a 4GB micro SD card

All soundboards are tested before shipping. Saberforge is not responsible for user error resulting in damaged boards or electronics.

Total: $129.99

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