Katana Eco
Katana Eco
Katana Eco
Katana Eco
Katana Eco
Katana Eco
Katana Eco

Eco: Gen 4 Specifications

Eco: Gen 4

  • Removable Blade (V4 Infinity Blade with threaded tip)
  • Single Blade LED Color (Cree XPE2 Module)
  • In Hilt Recharge (charger included)
  • 3 Soundfonts (Crimson, Viridium, and Gunmetal)
  • Mute Option
  • Lifetime Machined Parts Warranty
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Katana Eco

Katana Eco

The Katana Eco saber is the perfect entry level saber for fencers. The flat profile grip provides excellent indexing, and the large tsuba protects the hands and fingers from blade strikes. The deep blade socket and V4 infinity edge blade make this a dojo workhorse that can go toe to toe with sabers 4x the price.  

• Deep sleep mode
• 3 Soundfonts
• Illuminated activation switch
• Blaster deflect blade shimmer effect
• Lock up blade effect
• Flash-on-clash effect
• In hilt recharge (charger included)
• V4 Infinity Edge blade compatible
Inner Diameter
9.9 oz
LED 1x Cree XPE2 LED
Blade Socket Standard
Socket Size 1"
Material CNC precision machined Aluminum
Eco sabers are not compatible with Adaptive Saber Parts
Eco sabers are not compatible with staff couplers
Eco Sabers are not compatible with Plug and Play

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