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SaberForge / Datacron

Datacron Mk5

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From the tomb of an ancient master comes the SaberForge Datacron.

This highly detailed prop is precision laser cut from metal faced abs and acrylic.

The Datacron is mounted on a waterproof 10x LED remote controlled light up base with remote.

Datacron runs on 3 aaa batteries for 10 hours, batteries not included.

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  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Material: ABS and Acrylic 

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Datacron Mk5
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A bit disappointing

It's very well made, but it's only 5 out of 6 sides look like a datacron. The bottom is a thin mirror for the light to shine through. Honestly I'd prefer all 6 sides look like identical. It also doesn't illuminate very bright so saberforge might as well make it completely symmetrical and make it a bit cheaper without the light. As a display piece it looks good but, thats about it. Side note there is a thin flim on mirror. I wanted to point that out since there are no instructions.

Decent Idea, Poor Execution, Almost False Advertising

Your website for this item is edging on false advertising. The pictures only show a 3D render of the Datacron, which makes it appear as if the box and the LED puck unit are all of one piece, rather than two separate items. I almost sent it back for a refund, but decided to build a display stand with an opaque base to hide the LED puck instead. Very disappointed with what I received, especially since there's nothing on the page to indicate this is an issue.

From the photos and description, I expected to receive a decorative desk lamp with self-contained lighting. I shouldn't have to construct a custom display stand to keep this item from looking like a ten year old shining a penlight to make his finger glow like E.T., especially not for $60+ (shipping and taxes included). If I wanted something this half-assed, I would have just built one from scratch out of a hobby shop, or borrowed a 3D printer. For $60, the lighting should have been integrated into the box, and/or removable.

It's cool but it could be cooler

I really like the design of this one, but I do have one issue about how the datacron lights up. The LED base is an interesting concept but it doesn't make the datacron glow that much. The light spills from underneath the datacron and doesn't quite make it up through the reflective plate at the bottom. If I were to redesign this, I'd put a LED strip along the inside of the datacron so the light comes from within the datacron rather than outside it. This would also allow me to light it up anywhere I want without the need for a base. Overall, I like the physical design of the datacron and I enjoy how quickly it shipped to me, but the LED base doesn't quite work as well as I hoped.

So cool!

I placed an order for two sabers and Saber Forge sent along some awesome freebies with my order which included a datacron! This is the COOLEST nightlight my kids ever had, looks great and lights up well, all the colors and cool fade/strobe effects make this the centerpiece of our Jedi library 👍🏻

S. Scott Bohanan

I have not purchased one if these beautiful datacrons, but one of my best friends in California did and let me see it. It is so cool looking, just like the ones you see in the Jedi Temple Archives Vault in the Clone Wars Series. If I may offer a suggestion: if Saberforge were to put a small usb external storage drive inside the datacron where you could hook it up to your computer via a usb mini cable, then it could actually be used as a storage device and be like a REAL holocron!! Just something to consider guys. Anyway, the datacron is beautiful like it is now anyway, and I can't wait to get mine. Keep up the great work Saber Forge.

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