Custom Finishes

SaberForge is now offering a wide range of custom finish options on all of our sabers and parts.


Polish+Clear Coat is polished at high speed on a lathe then powder coated with a high strength clear powder that prevents fingerprints or abrasions from marring the polish.


Shattered Weathering is applied by a master saber smith to simulate battle damage. A matte clear powder coated high strength polymer epoxy is then applied.


Acid Weathering is similar to shattered weathering but includes an acid wash bath that creates a beautiful and unique light grey patina.


Laser Etching is a custom service that allows us to apply any pattern imaginable via a CNC laser etcher with a rotary table. We can highlight the pattern with powder coating or apply it directly to an anodized hilt. This is a quote only option as pricing will vary on the complexity of the request.


Legacy is a unique option that enhances one of our production sabers to the highest levels of realism. It can include one or all of our custom services and for that reason is quote only.