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Saber Tier Initiate Warrior Veteran Champion Hero
Blade Colors
0 1 1 1 6+
Rechargable Battery
N/a Yes Yes Yes Yes
In Hilt Recharge
N/a Optional Yes Yes Yes
Soundfonts N/a N/a 8 24 24
SD Card Editing N/a N/a No Yes Yes

Your Saber

A fully assembled saber based on your selected saber options.


Any Allen keys needed for assembly of your saber.

Saber Blade

Your selected saber blade in the length you've chosen.

Smart Charger

A smart charger will be provided for all sabers customized to require a rechargable battery.

Saber Forge Saber Forge


Wrapped Section

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Exotic Saber


This plasma axe includes crusader style polycarbonate axe blades.

Our Crusader Plasma Axe includes a warranty for full contact combat however its big, heavy, and dangerous, so be careful!

More Info

  • Blade Socket Type: Standard
  • Blade Socket Diameter: 1 inch
  • Weight (Empty): 2lbs (10oz)
  • Belt Clip Type: Covertech Knob  
  • Black anodized/brushed silver finish
  • CNC precision machined aluminium
Exotic Saber $299.00
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Total: $299.00

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