Champion Assembly Package


Our Champion assembly package includes professional assembly of your saber and installation of Champion electronics with in hilt recharge and light up switch by our highly trained employees. Our professional assembly includes an industry leading one year warranty on parts and labor. This assembly package must be purchased along with saber parts emitter/switch/body/pommel and blade plug (optional). This Champion assembly package includes:

-Infinity edge blade

-Timing shims

-12W+ LED with matching light up switch

-SaberCore 3.0 soundboard (with energy vibration)

-In hilt recharge with recharge port, battery, and micro USB charger.

-Assembly and alignment of the metal parts purchased along with this package

-Installation of electronics so your saber is ready to use when it arrives


Please note that professionally assembled sabers are hardwired and will not have any plug and play electronics or LED quick connects. They will have sealed threading excluding the pommel threads. Please do not attempt to disassemble or modify a professionally assembled saber as it will void your warranty and could damage your saber.