Soundboard Champion SaberCore 2.0


The SaberCore 2.0 is a very loud soundboard capable of fully driving our 12w+ LEDs, it comes with 10 clash effects, 10 swing effects, power on, power off, idle hum, and an auxiliary effect. The SaberCore 2.0 has an intuitive voice menu you enter by holding the switch down for 4 seconds when the saber is off. Sensitivities are adjustable from 1 up to 9. It has an adjustable blade flicker or steady on.

This SaberCore 2.0 is available in Viridium light side font with blaster bolt deflect auxiliary, or Crimson dark side font with force lightning blade lock up auxiliary.

Soundboards are tested before shipping, we are not responsible for user error that damages the boards such as not using ESD equipment or wiring terminals incorrectly.

 Please note: Electronic boards are very delicate: We highly recommend using extreme care when installing your electronics. Any damage caused by rough installation or improper wiring is not covered under warranty.