Mystery Box Saber
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Mystery Box Saber

Mystery Box Saber

With the Mystery Box Saber you are guaranteed a Warrior Saber with a chance to get a Champion, Hero, or even Crystal Saber.

A random LED color and blade length are guaranteed with all of our Mystery Box Sabers. Guarantee specific blade color or blade length using the options provided.

Mystery Box Sabers are fully covered by our lifetime warranty on metal parts and one year warranty on the blade and electronics. 

This is the best value on the planet and supplies are limited to 100 units per run.

Mystery Saber Includes

  • Warrior Tier Saber (with chance of Veteran/Champ/Hero)
  • V4 Infinity Edge Blade
  • One Year Saber Warranty

Some Mystery Box Sabers may come with minor cosmetic defects. Exchanges are not allowed on Mystery Box Sabers. Discount codes are not allowed on Mystery Box Sabers.

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Total: $125.00

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