Hero Sabers

Settings and Features

Note: The Hero saber features 2 buttons, for simplicity the top button will be referred to as button A and the lower button as button B.

Activation/Power Down

Remove the kill key located below both buttons. Once the LED lights and audio cue plays, tap (quick press) button A to activate the saber. To power down the saber, simply hold button A (long press) until the saber turns off.

Saber FX

While saber is on (blade active) tap button B to activate a sound effect. To activate the alternate sound effect, hold button B to activate and tap to deactivate.

Change soundfonts

Hero sabers feature 6 soundfonts and sabertrax which allows you to play music through your saber. To cycle through fonts, press button B. While the audio cue plays press button B again to cycle to the next font. Press button A to activate the current font. Sabertrax will automatically play the first song in the list. Pressing button B will cycle to the next song. To exit Sabertrax, press and hold button B.


  • Essence: episode 1
  • Father/Son
  • 402
  • Velocity
  • Hidden Warrior
  • Standard Issue
  • Sabertrax

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