Hero Tier sabers

NOTE: The Hero saber features 2 buttons, for simplicity the top button will be referred to as button A and the lower button as button B.

Activation/Power Down

Remove the kill key located below both buttons. Once the LED lights and audio cue plays, tap (quick press) button A to activate the saber.

To power down the saber, simply hold button A (long press) until the saber turns off.

Saber FX

While saber is on (blade active) tap button B to activate a sound effect. To activate the alternate sound effect, hold button B to activate and tap to deactivate.

Change soundfonts

Hero sabers feature 6 soundfonts and sabertrax which allows you to play music through your saber. To cycle through fonts, press button B. While the audio cue plays press button B again to cycle to the next font. Press button A to activate the current font.

Sabertrax will automatically play the first song in the list. Pressing button B will cycle to the next song. To exit Sabertrax, press and hold button B.


Essence: episode 1




Hidden Warrior

Standard Issue


Saber Editor

To edit the soundfonts, volume, blade effects, and other options, Hero sabers feature an editor that allows you to further customize your saber.


Saber is charged but not turning on/boot audio isn’t playing

Make sure the micro SD card beneath the speaker is seated correctly. The SD card should click down and feel secured when it is in correctly.

Saber is shutting down on clash or blaster deflect

These issues are generally a response to the battery being low but having enough power to still power on. Simply recharge the saber, and this should resolve these issues.

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