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Last Updated: March 15 2021

Basic Functions


Tap button to activate saber. Hold button until blade turns off to deactivate.

Activate muted

Double tap and hold the button. The saber will activate with sound muted. Sound will reactivate automatically next time you activate the saber.

Next/previous Soundfont

To cycle forward, hold button for 1 second then release. Audio cue for next soundfont will play. To cycle back hold button until audio cue plays and the saber will return to the previous soundfont.

Enter/Exit volume menu

Hold button and clash saber. Beep will play to confirm that you are in the volume menu

Lower/raise volume

While in volume menu bold button for 1 second and release to lower volume. Once saber no longer gets quieter, you are at the lowest available volume.

To raise volume tap button. Once saber no longer gets louder, you are at the highest available volume.

Saber Effects/Controls

Lightning block

Double tap and hold button to simulate lightning deflection.

Lock up

Hold button and clash saber to simulate blade lock up. Lock up effect stops when button hold is released.

Tip Drag

Point blade downward, hold button and clash saber. Tip or blade will illuminate to simulate dragging effect until blade is released.


Thrust blade forward and clash saber. Tip will illuminate to simulate stab effect.


Hold button, thrust blade forward and clash saber. Tip will illuminate to simulate melt effect until button hold is released. Twist saber for added effects.

Force Effect

Hold button and twist saber to play force effect.

Color Change Mode

Point blade downward, hold button and twist saber. Beep sound will play to confirm color mode entry.

Select Color

Twist saber to choose color, hold button to select color choice. A beep will play to confirm your color selections and exit color change mode.

Blaster Block

Tap button to simulate blaster blocks.

Multi-block Mode

Hold button and continue to swing saber. While swinging, blaster bolt block sound will continue to play and you no longer have to tap the button to activate the effect while the button remains held. Tap button or stop swinging to deactivate effect.



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