Custom Powder Coats

Style and Flair

Custom powder coats are a great way to add color or a special look to your saber. Powder coating is an electrostatic application and heat curing process that allows us to add additional finishes on your saber. Saberforge offers 30+ different powder coat options to further customize your saber and make it unique. We offer both transparent and non transparent powder coats. Depending on your desired look, you will want to select the one that best fits your expectation.

View our full powder coat selection here under "hilt finishes"

Transparent on Standard

When selecting a transparent powder coat on a standard finish saber, the poweder coat color will "tint" the silver portions of the saber while leaving the rest with a dark/black appearance. This option provides a nice contrast and keeps any aesthetic lines that may be designed into the hilt black.

Standard base finish with transparent red, blue, and green powder coats

Transparent on Weathered

When selecting a transparent powder coat on a weathered finish saber, the saber will have both strong and weak colored areas over the saber. Very similar to a non powder coated saber but with some added color where the silver parts would show.

Weathered base finish with transparent red, blue, and green powder coats

Transparent on Black

Transparent powder coats on sabers with a black finish offer a very unique look. The saber will appear very dark but give off a slight tint of the selected powder coat.

Black base finish with transparent red, blue, and green powder coats

Gloss & Non Transparent

Gloss and non transparent powder coats change the entire sabers color regardless of whether you pick a standard, weathered or black finish. Since they are non transparent, any black lines, or special markings on the saber will be coated in the selected color.

Standard base finish with gloss red, blue, and green powder coats

Sabers with Claws, greebles, etc.

When selecting a saber that features greebles, claws or any additional aesthetic, those parts will not be powder coated. An example of what that may look like is provided below.

Custom designed saber with Gloss Red Powder Coat

Curved Hilts & Cast Parts

Most curved sections of our hilts cannot be powder coated and will be left with their default finish. The exception being chrome parts such as the curved bodies we offer in Adaptive Saber Parts.

Weathered Vanquish saber with Transparent Gold Powder Coat

View all of our powder coat colors here under "hilt finishes"

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