Adaptive Saber Parts Ordering Guide

Adaptive Saber Parts

Adaptive Saber Parts allow you to build your own custom saber using our ever expansive collection of components! All sabers are built from 5 essential parts: An emitter, switch, body, pommel, and electronics. This quick guide will show you how to place and order to guarentee that you get the custom saber you want.

Ordering Multiple ASP Sabers

This guide and our checklist is currently only designed to track a single ASP assembly order. We reccomend only ordering one ASP Assembly per cart transaction.

Desiging your saber

All of our available parts can be viewed on our site and are grouped by section. To help visualize what your saber will look like we have a 3D saber builder. Our builder is a 3D environment for you to mix, match, and play around with our various parts and finishes. Available here

Picking your parts & Assembly

Once you've decided what your saber will look like, add each part (Emitter, Switch, Body, Pommel), and Professional Assembly to your cart.

Order checklist

The checklist below is available to help you track your cart progress. You can find it here or on each part page. After adding a part, follow the greyed links to the next part until you have completed your order.

Custom Assembly Checklist

The buttons below link to minimum remaining items required for an Adaptive Saber Parts Assembly Order. For non assembly, partial part orders, and experienced users the checklist is not necessary.

Emitter Switch Body Pommel Assembly

Completed items will highlight blue when added to your cart.

Checklist only tracks minimum items for one saber

Note: If this isn't your first build, you are only picking up additional parts, or are a DIY builder, you may ignore this step.

Congratuations, your order is complete!

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