Champion Soundboard 3.0
Champion Soundboard 3.0

Champion Soundboard 3.0

Champion Soundboard

Our current Champion features our Sabercore 3 soundboard. It features three customizable soundfonts, three auxiliary effects, flash on clash, and five programmable blade effects. It also features an accelerometer for motion detection, an onboard battery pcb, a micro usb charging/data port, and a windows based user interface program for changing fonts, settings, and firmware.

Sound Effects

Three separate soundfont banks capable of holding up to 99 different sound effects. Each font on the soundboard has a boot, boot confirm, ignition, hum, swings, clashes, spins, blaster deflect, lock up, force power, and deactivation sound. Audio is played with a 16 bit audio driver.

Flash on Clash

Pulse Width Modulation allows for flash on clash without sacrificing a die or blade brightness. The Sabercore 3 provides full brightness to a 12w blade with flash on clash while utilizing all 4 LEDs at once.

Blade Effects

Provides five blade presets, slow shimmer, fast shimmer, slow pulse, fast pulse, and solid. Each font can be set to a different blade effect, allowing you to link a font to a blade effect.

Motion Detection

The Sabercore 3 features a precise accelerometer used to drive the swing/slash/clash and spin audio of the saber.

Charging and Data

The Sabercore 3 features on board battery pcb. It also features a micro usb charging/data port.

Editor Program

Adjust your volume, blade effects, and sound files, by plugging the board into a 64bit windows 10 PC. Via the USB port, customize clash/swing/spin sensitivity, inactivity timeout, volume, check battery charge, and update firmware.

Additional notes

The Sabercore 3 requires a high drain IMR 18650, previous generation li-on do not have suitable discharge rates for the PMW overdrive. We suggest the efest 3500mah IMR.

The micro USB port is included with this board. Make sure you do not install the ribbon upside down. Use the blue stripe on the ribbon to match the blue dot on the micro USB board. If you put it in backwards and charge your saber the reverse voltage will short the board.


  • Champion Soundboard 3.0
  • 8in ribbon cable
  • micro USB recharge port

All soundboards are tested before shipping. Saberforge is not responsible for user error resulting in damaged boards or electronics.

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