Plug-and-Play Hero Sound Kit


OUR BRAND NEW Hero Sound Kit brings INFINITE colors and an ultra high end sound option to our ASP system. The new force feedback vibration feature simulates the subtle vibration of a real energy blade.


The Spark Color 2 NEC board is a very loud soundboard capable of fully driving our 12w+ LEDs. The SC2 features:

  • Adjustable flash on clash and flash on auxilory
  • Multiple blade shimmer and pulse settings
  • INFINITE blade colors and real time color swap
  • Five completely unique sound fonts, each with 10 clash effects, 10 swing effects, power on, power off, idle hum, blaster bolt deflect, and lock up.
  • Removable micro SD card that allows the user to change all effect and sensitivity settings and to load new sound files which can be purchased from 


This plug and play Hero Sound Kit includes:

  • Spark Color 2 Soundboard
  • 3400mah battery
  • In hilt recharge with recharge port, kill key, and an ultra fast 3A smart charger
  • 4w high bass neodymium speaker
  • Realistic force feedback vibration via internal vibration motor
  • Pre wired connectors for connecting switch, recharge port, and LED
  • Pre wired double tactile low pro switch
  • Pre wired RGBA 12W+ LED


This kit includes everything you need to add high end sound, INFINITE blade colors, and realistic vibration to your saber.