Plug and Play Champion Soundboard
Plug and Play Champion Soundboard
Plug and Play Champion Soundboard

Plug and Play Champion Soundboard

Momentary or illuminated plug & play switch and plug & play LED unit sold separately. 

The SaberCore 3.0 is the most advanced single color board ever produced. It features three customizable sound fonts played with a high definition 16 bit audio driver, three aux effects, flash on clash and flash on blaster deflect, five programmable blade effects, a next gen accelerometer for motion detection, an onboard battery pcb, a combined micro usb recharging and data port, and a pc windows based user interface program for changing fonts, settings, and even firmware. 

Sound Effects

The SaberCore 3.0 stores three separate sound font banks and each can hold up to 99 different sound effects. Each font on the 3.0 has a boot sound, boot confirm sound, ignition, hum, swings, clashes, spins, blaster deflects, lock ups, force powers, and deactivation. The sound effects on the SaberCore 3.0 are reproduced in high def 16 bit audio that has twice the fidelity and much better range than the 2.0. 

Flash on Clash/Flash on Blaster

By leveraging PWM overdrive we have achieved flash on clash WITHOUT sacrificing one of our dies or any blade brightness. The SaberCore 3.0 is the first and only soundboard to utilize Pulse Width Modulation overdrive to provide a full brightness 12w blade with FOC and FOB. Competitor boards leave one die off and only turn it on during flash on clash, but our board uses all four of the LED dies to provide a full brightness blade, and uses a Pulse Width Modulated overdrive to achieve a flash effect. 

Blade Effects 

Harnessing the power of it's next generation LED driver the SaberCore 3.0 provides five blade presets, slow shimmer, fast shimmer, slow pulse, fast pulse, and solid. You can set each font to have a different blade effect, allowing you to tie your font to your blade effect for the most realistic saber experience possible (until we crack cold fusion). 

Motion Detection 

The SaberCore 3.0 uses a brand new accelerometer that is five times more responsive than the 2.0. In addition the sensitivity of swing, clash, and spin now have 100 different levels to select from, vs 10 levels on the 2.0. 

Charging and Data

The SaberCore 3.0 has an on board battery pcb which means the brand new 3500mah IMR high drain 30a batteries can be used safely with this board. It also features a micro usb port that doubles as a charging port and a data port. There are no micro sd cards to remove, or battery sled to pull out so that you can charge or adjust your settings, now you just plug your micro usb cable into your sabers body. Never again will you have to disassemble your saber to change fonts, it doesn't get any better than this. 

Editor Program

The SaberCore 3.0 uses a windows pc based GUI (Graphic User Interface) program so you can adjust your volume, blade effects, sound files, clash/swing/spin sensitivity, inactivity timeout, volume, check battery charge, and update firmware when new versions are released. It is a dynamic and intuitive program that takes seconds to master. 

The micro usb port is included with this plug and play kit be VERY CAREFUL that you do not plug the usb port into the ribbon upside down, make sure the blue stripe on the ribbon is on the same side as the blue dot on the micro usb board, if you put it in backwards and charge your saber the reverse voltage will destroy your investment (and ruin your day).

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