Acolyte Eco
Acolyte Eco
Acolyte Eco
Acolyte Eco
Acolyte Eco
Acolyte Eco

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Saber Tier Eco Proffie Pixel
LED Illuminated blade
In Hilt Recharge
Volume control Mute Toggle
Motion & Hit Detection
Blaster Block, Clash, Lock-up effects
Soundfonts 3 10
Smooth Swing
Force & Stab effects
Blade Color Editor
Melt & Tip-drag effects
Pixel Blade

Your Saber

A fully assembled saber based on your selected saber options.


Any Allen keys needed for assembly of your saber.

Saber Blade

Your selected saber blade in the length you've chosen.

Smart Charger

A smart charger will be provided for all sabers customized to require a rechargable battery.

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Acolyte Eco

Angled EmitterMake-A-WishWindowed

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Eco Saber

The Acolyte ECO saber is a slimmer version of our Apprentice Acolyte. It features an angled windowed emitter, milled oval grip panel details, and a comfortable choke point at the neck and pommel for spins and flourishes. 

We have partnered with the  Make-A-Wish® Oregon and 10% of every Eco sale will be donated to help sponsor the wishes of several brave kiddos. So treat yourself to a new SaberForge Eco saber, and help make wishes come true!

Eco sabers are not eligible for discounts. 

    Inner Diameter
    9.9 oz
    Socket Size 1"
    Material CNC precision machined Aluminum
    Eco sabers are not compatible with Adaptive Saber Parts
    Eco sabers are not compatible with staff couplers
    Eco Sabers are not compatible with Plug and Play
    Acolyte Eco
    Eco Saber $129.00
    Ships in 2 - 4 weeks
    Once shipped, arrives at your selected speed during checkout.
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    Total: $129.00

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