Quad Cree Gen3 12w LED

Quad Cree Gen3 12w LED

Our Gen3 12w+ LED is a Quad Cree utilizing four Cree XQ-E LEDs mounted centrally to a 2.5mm thick copper MCPCB.

The Gen3 has been redesigned with thicker copper and now is pre resistored with SMD surface mount resistors dramatically reducing the space required inside a hilt by eliminating large inefficient through hole resistors. Coupled with our larger all copper heat sink and brighter bin code LEDs we are seeing brightness increases of 15-20% compared to our previous Gen2 LED.

When you select a color you will get an LED that is pre resistored for a standard 18650 battery. Just wire up the leads and go!

The Cree XQ-E has the highest lumen efficiency in the industry and we only carry the brightest bin codes they make.

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