E-12 Blaster


All E-12 Blaster Tiers include a gorgeous display stand. 

PLEASE NOTEThe hero tier with multi color LED and sound electronics is pictured. Initiate does not include electronic light or sound, Warrior includes light only, no sound. 

The below text describes the features of the Hero Tier E-12 with full sound electronics. 

The SaberForge E-12 multi role blaster is an evolution of the Empires standard assault carbine and incorporates years of feedback from troopers on the front lines. Its no secret that the previous generation blaster had low accuracy and poor performance against comparable insurgent weapons. Imperial engineers have examined all of this real-world feedback and developed a next generation weapons system and training holo to get you hitting 60% of your targets, every time. 

Training holo link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtQg3JnrJtY&feature=youtu.be


The E-12 Blaster is made from robust metal alloys and weighs 6lbs, it features a functional scope, removable magazine, and folding stock. On hero tier models an internal chassis houses the spark 2 electronics and the 12w Quad Cree Red/Blue LED. A custom display stand is included with every blaster. 

The First major upgrade for the E-12 hero over the previous generation blaster are the three distinct fire settings. Assault, Heavy, and Stun. These three sound fonts are fully customizable via the removable quick access micro sd memory chip. 

The Second major upgrade for the E-12 hero is the addition of an overcharge blast on each fire setting. Assault fires a full auto barrage, Heavy fires a super heavy burst, and Stun fires an ion beam. 

The previous generation blaster did not feature a heavy mode or overcharge blasts because Imperial high command felt that troopers would waste energy packs, however research showed that troopers have a much higher hit ratio when they spray every joule from there battery packs in wild barrages. 

Operation, charging, and Maintenance

In order to effectively exterminate the insurgents and rebels that threaten our empires peace its important to keep your E-12 hero blaster fully charged and to understand its operation and maintenance. 

To charge your blasters 3400mah power cell press the rear cap in and rotate counter clockwise to unlock. Locate the port marked “recharge” and plug the included charging cable in. Your power cell will fully charge in 1-2 hours. 

To adjust the settings on your E-12 hero blaster including blast color, sound files, and more locate the port marked data port and press the sd memory chip to unlock and remove it. The E-12 hero is compatible with wav files and uses the spark 2 config editor program. 

To extend the stock on your E-12 blaster unlock the stock from the front handguard, rotate the stock under the blaster, lock the stock into the rear cap be pressing the rear cap in, slide the shoulder down into place until it locks. Reverse these steps to fold the stock. While we understand that historical holos show imperial troopers firing exclusively from the hip, disregarding the built in stock and scope, it is strongly encouraged that these poor habits are not emulated. 

To change fire modes on the E-12 hero blaster press the trigger to cycle fire modes, sabertracks allows music to be played on the battlefield which has been shown to improve trooper morale. 

To activate the blaster press and release the activation button with blinking red ring. The blaster will plan an ignition sound and an idle hum that can be turned off in the data chip settings. 

To fire the blaster confirm the safety is disengaged and press and release the trigger, this will fire in standard mode. To fire in overcharge mode press and hold the trigger. Please wait one full second after firing in standard mode before firing overcharge.

Research has show that droid targeting systems have a much higher hit probability than imperial troopers and we have incorporated this into every E-12 hero blaster. 

To engage the blasters auto targeting sound swing the blaster quickly

To engage the blasters auto fire feature fire in standard mode then quickly swing the blaster to your next target. To end auto fire leave the blaster stationary for two seconds. 

To deactivate the blaster press and release the activation button. 

Your service to the empire guarantees peace and security to all galactic citizens

Remember your motto, 
We keep the peace, through superior firepower