Colored V4 Infinity Edge Saber Day Blade


SaberForge is pleased to offer our customers the most advanced optical saber blade on the market. The Brand New V4 INFINITY EDGE saber day blade with threaded rounded bullet tip. This is the brightest and most durable thick walled day blade on the market, it is perfect for conventions and events during the day.

The V4 INFINITY EDGE saber blade has a number of unique features that set it a cut above the rest.
-We are the first and only saber company with a threaded blade tip for ULTIMATE strength.
-Thick walled optical grade Polycarbonate tube 1.00" diameter
-Machined countersink for tip mirror, giving the best possible mirror adhesion and retention.
-Hybrid style rounded bullet tip.
-Light diffusion ring for full tip illumination.
-Internal diffusion wrap for excellent color mixing and brightness
-Available in six vibrant colors